Can Hamsters Eat Turkey? Is it Good?

Saturday, December 16th 2017. | Hamsters

Beginner hamster owners tend to ask, can hamsters eat turkey? Turkey meat is commonly served in Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. Can hamster eat turkey so they can also celebrate those special days? Let’s found out below.

Can hamsters eat turkey

The Safety of Eating Turkey for Hamster

To answer such kind of question, you need to understand that hamster is an omnivore animal. An omnivore animal means that the animal eats anything such as fruits and vegetables including meat. From this short explanation, you finally found the answer that hamster also eats meat. So, it is okay to feed hamsters with turkey? Yes, you are allowed to give it. For the detail, you should check the reason below.

The Reason to Give Turkey

Now, you don’t need to get confuse if someone asking about can hamsters eat turkey? But to give a complete answer, you need to check the additional information here. It is okay to feed hamsters with meat since this poultry product is the source of protein. This essential compound is very important to keep your lovely hamsters health as well as to give them a balance diet program. In fact, wild hamsters tend to eat crickets or mealworms as one of their favorite foods. Moreover, turkey is easy to buy especially if you are turkey lovers instead of finding crickets or mealworms. Turkey is not only good for human but also for hamster due to its essential compounds. For your information, turkey contains of water, acid, sugar, fat, salt, calcium, and many more. Due to the compounds above, you need to control the portion of turkey for hamster.

The Pro and Con

Actually, there is still pro and con related to feed hamster with meat. Some people said that feeding your beloved hamster a lot of meat triggers cannibalism. On the other hand, there are also people who said that feeding hamster with meat doesn’t any cannibalism effect. So how much meat you should give to your cute hamster for healthy diet plan? To prevent unwanted condition because of eating too much meat, you just need to give the hamster a small chunk of meat. In specific, hamsters should get around 12% up to15% of protein and 3% up to 6% fat as the safety standard to avoid obese problem. The case is different for pregnant hamster in which they need more protein and fat. That’s why they need to consume 18% up to 20% protein and 7% up to 9% fat. Pregnant hamster should eat more protein because it helps the baby grows well. If you want to keep the hamster has longer life expectancy and healthy, it is a must to let them take carbohydrate diet. The best part of feeding hamster is giving food variation. Those are including mixed seed, pellets and lab block, greens, fruits, and vegetables, and meat including turkey.

In conclusion, it is okay to give meat to your lovely turkey as long as in the right portion. Mix it with different type of foods for variation. This information really answer the question of can hamsters eat turkey completely, right?