Can Syrian Hamsters Eat Lettuce?

Friday, April 20th 2018. | Hamsters

Syrian hamster is one of hamster varieties that can be kept as a pet. This hamster is same as funny as a common hamster. This hamster requires a particular treatment and selected foods. Of course, you must be careful in feeding it. Can Syrian hamsters eat lettuce? It seems to be a common question asked when you want to maintain this hamster.

Can Syrian Hamsters Eat Lettuce

Syrian Hamster and Lettuce

Can Syrian hamsters eat lettuce? It is obviously answered and the answer is surely Yes. Your Syrian hamsters are possible to eat lettuce. They can eat lettuce in a large amount and quantity without worries. It is one of recommended vegetables for your hamster. It also becomes a popular vegetable for hamster diet program. In addition, it tastes delicious and healthy for hamster body.

Nutritional Value and Information of Lettuce

If you are not sure yet, you should concern on the nutritional value and information of lettuce before feeding your Syrian hamsters. Lettuce is a kind of low calorie vegetable. This is a favorite food for your hamster. There actually several differences of lettuce such as butter head, loose leaf, romaine, and summer crisp lettuces. Though those are different varieties, those have same information and nutritional value. The lettuces are beneficial and healthy for your Syrian hamsters.

You can find vitamin C in the lettuce. Giving lettuce for Syrian hamster is able to make your hamster healthy and more active because it contains beta carotene. The beta carotene is making hamster’s visibility clear. The vitamin content is stopping an oxidation of cholesterol level in the hamster. Of course, it makes hamsters feel healthier. The lettuce also contains fibers to protect their heart health. You can also find vitamin B in lettuce in which it is useful to avoid blocked blood vessel.

Lettuce Facts for Syrian Hamsters

Lettuce is a recommended vegetable for hamster food. It contains a big amount of phyto nutrients. It is useful to assist in avoiding some attacking diseases. It becomes a great source of nutrients for your hamster. It is great for being anti inflammation and infection. When your Syrian hamsters eat it, some infection diseases can be blocked and fought for. Lettuce may be given for hamster foods but you should substitute it with the other vegetables such as carrot or spinach to enrich the vitamin content.

Is Lettuce Safe for Your Syrian Hamster?

Is lettuce safe for your hamster? Fresh vegetables and fruits are surely healthy for hamster diet foods list. The foods contain strong immune system for protecting them from diseases. There are some types of allowed foods for Syrian hamsters. Nuts and seeds are considered to be a safe food for hamsters. Those contain vitamins, minerals, protein, and fibers working well for the growth of hamsters. Fresh and green vegetables such as lettuce and cucumber keep hamster body fresh and hydrated. Those are useful to detoxify toxic from hamster body. Can Syrian hamsters eat lettuce? Of course, Syrian hamsters are able to consume and eat lettuce at a large amount or balance portion.