Can We Feed Hamster with Sausage?

Wednesday, December 20th 2017. | Hamsters

Hamster maybe can be said as one of favorite pets today. It’s cute, funny and easy to keep. However, some people still confused with what this pet can eat. It said that it’s omnivore. Therefore, Can hamster eat sausage? Or, can it eat meat and such?

Can hamster eat sausage

Hamster and Sausage

Basically, sausage can be categorized as meat. And, hamster is an omnivore; therefore it also can eat meat. But, we can’t see it just like that. The meat that hamster eaten here must be seen as the protein source. Hamster also gets the protein from other source, such as bugs, worm and other. So, hamster need protein and meat is just another source of protein.

How about sausage? Sausage is one of type of meat. Therefore, if you feed your hamster with it, it wouldn’t be a problem. However, there is one thing that you need to remember here. Do not add any extra substance in it, like seasoning or spice. It will only give problem to hamster’s digest system. Unfortunately, most of sausage product you can find on the market was seasoned. Therefore, we can say that they won’t give any good to your hamster. So, if you really want to feed your hamster with sausage, make it by yourself. Do not add any spice or seasoning. And just boil or steam it like that. Then, your hamster will get nice protein source.

Hamster and Its Foods

Now, after you know that you can feed your hamster with sausage with specific requirement, how about other foods? Basically, hamster eats food that they can find in the environment where they live, in the wild. In the wild, hamster usually lives in a dry place, where they can get seeds, grass and insect. And, domestic hamster like what you have has similar food like this wild hamster.

What Kind of Foods?

You can give your hamster muesli or pellets. Usually, this food comes in mixed shape. One important thing that you also need to remember is the food appearance. Make sure you choose food that looks like its natural shape. Do not choose hamster’s food that has many colors. This kind of food usually has lot of additives inside. This is not good for your hamster.

Fruit and vegetables also can become good choice for your hamster. However, do not feed it too many. It can make your hamster get diarrhea. Among many different fruits and vegetable, apple, carrot and cucumber are its favorite. However, because those fruits and vegetable has high sugar, do not feed it too much. It will give your hamster many problems. Although most of vegetable and fruits are good for hamster, you can’t give it citrus fruit or onion. It has high acid, and it can give digest problem.

Basically, those were some foods that you can feed to your hamster. So, Can hamster eat sausage? The answer is true. Plus, you also can get other food to balance your hamster nutrition intake. And, this will affect your hamster health condition as well.