Do hamsters and rats get along? Find the Answer Now

Wednesday, November 29th 2017. | Hamsters

Do hamsters and rats get along?” Hamsters and rats are some of the most popular rodents that are kept as pet. As a result, many people take care of both hamsters and rats at the same time. Even though they belong in the same species, hamsters and rats are different animal with different characteristics. So, before you cage them together, make sure you find out the answer for the question first.

Hamsters as Pet

If this is your first time having rodents as pet, hamsters can be a great option. It is pretty easy to take care of them and they also get along with human really well. Hamsters are solitary animal that prefer to have the cage for themselves. So, you can focus on taking care of one hamster since it will live just as well without any companion.

Hamsters, especially the bigger ones like Syrian, are very territorial. If they encounter another creature in their cage, they will not hesitate to attack the poor creature even if it doesn’t do anything that can harm the hamster.

Rats as Pet

Rats have a contrasting personality with hamsters. Unlike hamsters that prefer to be alone, rats are social creatures. Therefore, it will be better if you keep at least two same sex rats in one cage. Rats are also very smart. They might be harder to tame, but once they recognize you as their owner, they will act nicely to you and you can even teach them simple tricks.

Due to their social nature, you need to spend more time to play with them. Otherwise, they will feel lonely and get depressed. Furthermore, since rats can grow pretty big, it is important to provide big cage for them from the get go so they can freely play and run around.

Do hamsters and rats get along?

Based on the characteristics of both rodents, it is safe to say that you cannot let them play together in one cage. Hamster will see any creature inside its cage as a threat. So, once you put the rat inside the same cage with the hamsters, the hamsters will naturally start attacking the rats.

Furthermore, rats are mostly bigger than hamsters. So, when these two rodents fight, it is the hamster that will be put in bigger danger. Even though rats will always need some company, hamsters are definitely not the best candidate for it.

As a matter of fact, hamsters can get stressed if they smell another rodent in such a close proximity. So, putting the rats and the hamsters in different cage will not be enough. It actually will be best to put them in different rooms.

In some rare cases, you might find hamsters that can get along well with rats or other rodents. But it is usually limited to smaller hamsters. Furthermore, the hamsters and the other rodents must be introduced since they are babies. If they are put in the same cage during adulthood, it’s just going to be a recipe for disaster.

Taking care of two different cages definitely will be a hassle. But if it can make your rats and hamsters happy, you definitely won’t mind doing it. That’s the answer for “Do hamsters and rats get along?” question.