Do You Think To Have Male And Female Gerbils Together?

Thursday, February 15th 2018. | Hamsters

Do you think to have male and female gerbils together? You surely can do that, moreover if you wish to breed this rodent. Gerbils are known as pets. A gerbil is one of rodents which are included in small mammal. Many people find them cute and keep them as pets. A cage can be their home if you want to have them. Although many people relate this rodent is similar to mice or hamster, gerbils have their own things.  Here we will give you information about mating gerbils in one cage. If you wish to know more, let’s check the information below.

male and female gerbils together

Give the Right Housing

First of all you need to know before having gerbils is about its housing. Hamsters must have been more familiar than gerbils. You must have noticed that hamster can live in a plastic cage. There are many cute housing designed for hamsters using plastic as the material. If you think gerbils will live the same way as hamster, it is not right. Gerbils like to have a housing which has dig tunnel systems. It is also mentioned that giving them plastic cage will affect their health. Once you put them in plastic cage, they may develop serious health issues over time.

In order to place them in the right housing, you are suggested to give them wooden cage or wooden toys. There are many sellers who will offer you various toys to have for gerbils. You may want to purchase them therefore. Just remember that plastic cage is inappropriate for gerbils to live in.

Have At Least Two Gerbils in One Cage

You should know that gerbils are social animals. They cannot live as a loner like hamsters can. Therefore you better put at least two gerbils in the cage. Other tiny rodents may live alone in its cage and feel happy anyway, but gerbils are not like that. Gerbils can be much happier when it has companion. When gerbils are put in a cage together, they like to groom, wrestle, and snuggle each other.

Create Pairings of Gerbils

As mentioned before, you better have at least two gerbils in a cage. If you are planning to place two gerbils in a cage, try to choose a younger one than the first gerbil you choose. It is meant to stop conflict aggression and conflict. Placing younger gerbils are better option. They will best sibling gerbils. Later on when you want to place more gerbils, you only need to make sure the cage is spacious enough to have the gerbils. In addition, male gerbils are the best option to be kept together. Male gerbils mostly live serenely. It is different case with female gerbils though. In the next option, do you want to place male and female gerbils together? If this is the case, you may want to breed gerbils since they can give birth of other little gerbils for sure. However, you may don’t want to breed gerbils. Thing you can do is by carefully identifying the sex. That’s it. Hope you get new information about having gerbils as pets.

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