How to Clean a Hamster? Read This Simple Step

Sunday, October 8th 2017. | Hamsters

If you put your hamster cage in the room, then your room can cause a bad smell. This is a great time to discuss how to clean a hamster?

Avoid Bathing Your Hamster

You should investigate the source of the odor coming from the enclosure. Maybe the hamster cage does not smell but the hamster spread the source of the smell. Hamsters do not require bathing under normal conditions because soap can disrupt the natural oils that come out from the body of the hamster. Soap and water will harm your hamster. You may only bathe the hamster when something is attached to the hamster feather. Maybe your hamster can be contaminated with toxic chemicals so you have to bathe the hamster. If you wash the natural oil from the hamster, then you have hurt your hamster. The female hamster will spread a different smell during the summer.

How to clean a hamster

Clean the Hamster Cage

The best way to clean hamsters is to clean the hamster cage regularly. You can clean the cage and see the smell of hamsters to be good. You can change the bed of the hamster every week.

Sand Bath

You can use sand to bathe your hamster. You can let the hamster roll over in the sand. Sand will knock the feces naturally. You do not have to scrub the body of the hamster too hard. You can buy chinchilla sand in the pet store. Put the sand into a small bowl. You have to buy sand instead of dust. Dust will interfere with the respiratory system of your hamster. If you put the sand in a hamster cage, then you should check the sand every day because the hamster will use the sand as a place to dispose of waste. If you have a hamster with long hair and exposed chewing gum, then you can cut the fur without bathing your hamster.

Use Soft Fabrics

You can fill the basin with one glass of water. Use one drop of shampoo made exclusively for pets. Use a damp cloth that has been immersed in the water. If you find foam, then you use too much shampoo. Rub the hamster using the cloth. You should rub the hamster body gently. Use a dry towel to rub the body of a hamster. Use the softest towel to remove water from hamster’s feathers. Put the hamster in the cage. You must make sure that the cage is fresh and clean. Place the cage in a warm and comfortable place so that the hamster is not cold.


Bathing the hamster may be a bad move. You should consider the adverse effects for your hamster. If your hamster is exposed to toxic substances, then you should not take the wrong decision. You should immediately bring the hamster to the vet. Hamster can experience death after bathing. The hamster can drown or get sick. There are several situations that cause you to bathe the hamster. The situation is that your hamster falls on toxic substances such as white alcohol, disinfectants, and corrosive substances. Something sticky can stick in the fur of hamsters and this makes the hamster can chew the feather. Veterinarians can provide the right treatment for your hamster. You can ask your veterinarian about your hamster. Those are the things to consider when cleaning your hamster.