How to Pet a Hamster Carefully

Saturday, October 7th 2017. | Hamsters

Hamster is an adorable animal but there are many people who are worried about the bite of a hamster. They do not know how to handle the bite. This article is about how to pet a hamster.

How to pet a hamster

Ideal Hamsters

There are two types of hamsters that can be handled properly. The first type is a Syrian hamster or called a teddy bear. This animal can grow up to 5.5 inches. These are animals of a larger size than the others so you can handle these animals well. Another species that can be handled easily is the Chinese hamster. These are animals that can grow up to 5 inches. There are several species that have an aggressive and sweet nature. There are other types that can be considered. The species is a Campbell hamster in white. It is a winter hamster of a smaller size compared to other species. This animal can grow up to 4 inches. Children should handle these animals well because children can hurt a small hamster.


This is an important step before you maintain a hamster of any species. Hamsters do not have good eyesight. This animal can only smell your scent. This step is done by putting your hands inside the cage. You should wash your hands thoroughly before handling the hamster. You should not hold a hamster at this stage. You should continue this step every day until the hamster sniffs your hand. Do not try to take the hamster. You have to wait two or three days because the hamster will rise into your hands during that time. You should let the hamster feel comfortable in your hands. You can repeat this step for three days. If the hamster is already comfortable, then you can lift the hamster gently.


You must remember that hamsters are small and delicate creatures. This creature can be easily injured for several reasons. You can squeeze the hamster with your middle finger and index finger. You should not use abrupt movements. You can use a gentle stroke on the hamster’s back. Hamsters will feel relaxed and fall asleep in your hands.

Injury Prevention

The final step is to prevent injury. Hamsters have only fragile bones so you cannot handle this creature roughly. You have to sit down when handling the hamster. If the hamster wants to jump then you have to make sure that the hamster will fall at a safe distance. If you drop a hamster to the floor, the hamster’s feet will break. The sudden movement will make the hamster fear.

With the right step to pet your hamster, they won’t bite you. That’s the right way to handle a hamster.