Is It Safe to House Hamsters and Mice Together?

Saturday, November 25th 2017. | Hamsters

Hamsters and mice are cute little pets and many people own both at the same time. Many people decide to just put their hamsters and mice in the same cage. They are both rodents anyway so it definitely won’t be a big problem. But is this true? Can hamsters and mice live together safely? Make sure you find the answers first before deciding to house your hamsters and mice together.

Is It Safe to House Hamsters and Mice Together

The Characteristics of Hamsters and Mice

To answers those questions, it is very important to recognize the characteristics of hamsters and mice. Even though they are both rodents and their body size is similar, hamsters and mice have contrasting characteristic.

Mice are social animals that love to live with other mice. So, if you have one pet mouse, it will feel lonely to be kept alone in the cage because its nature is to live together with its colonies. It is true that some mice, especially the males sometimes fight with each other when living together. But generally, mice love company and they will get stressed if they are kept alone in a cage.

Hamsters on the other hand, are solitary animals. Being a solitary creature is one thing, but the main thing that will cause the problem is the fact that hamsters are also territorial. They don’t share their house or any other things well. So, if they find other animals in their cage, they will be very aggressive and a bloodshed fight might happen.

Can Hamsters and Mice Live Together?

So, can hamsters and mice live together peacefully? Unfortunately, the answer is no, mainly because hamsters are very territorial. Hamsters can’t even stand to share their cage with other hamsters, let alone with other rodents like mice.

Maybe you will get confused because you have seen plenty of hamsters living together in one cage at the pet store. Well, there are several reasons for this.

Firstly, even though hamsters can be aggressive to other hamsters, this trait is not shown until they are about two months old. So, since pet stores usually sell baby hamsters less than two months old, you might not notice hamsters’ territorial behavior at this stage. Furthermore, hamsters are nocturnal creatures. It means, they do their activity when the pet store is closed. When you come to shop at the pet stores, they are probably currently in the dreamland.

There is also a possibility that hamsters can coexist with other hamsters and even mice, only if they have been placed in a cage together since a very young age. However, it doesn’t always work. If you want to breed your hamster, you can put the male and female hamster in the same cage. However, once the female conceives, get the male out of the cage because pregnant hamster will become even more territorial than before to protect her babies.

Another thing to remember

And just because the mice will not mind sharing their space with a hamster, it doesn’t mean that they will not fight back if the hamster attacks them. So it is better to just put your pet mice and hamsters in different cage.