Is there a cure for hamster wet tail disease?

Thursday, January 18th 2018. | Hamsters

Is there a cure for hamster wet tail disease? Wet tail disease or Ileitis proliferative is a common disease that attacks hamsters particularly it attacks the area of intestine. Although it is said as common, you should not underestimate this disease since it can be very dangerous and influence the lifestyle of this pet in general.

Is there a cure for hamster wet tail disease


Wet tail disease is caused by the dirt that has been contaminated by Intracellularis lawsonia bacteria. Then, it spreads when the hamsters are making contact with foods or water contained the bacteria. In general, this disease is seen on the hamsters of three to six weeks-old. However, those are not enough. There are some other additional factors that make hamsters are being transmitted faster and easier. One of them is the stress. Yes, you should not be surprised that your hamsters can be easily stressed as well. Some problems like weaning, transportation, crowded house, and the change of dietary habit are those factors that can cause the stress. It is then more suggested to train them little by little if you have to change their foods or something. More than that, the effect is different from one hamster to another. Some of your hamsters are probably prone to be stressed while the others are not.


There are some signs or symptoms that are quite visible when your hamsters are attacked by wet tail disease. They are lethargy, loss appetite, diarrhea, dehydration, boring, easily angry; looking uncomfortable, posture bending, prominent rectum, bleeding in the poop, and the others. When the symptoms are only some of them, it can be symptoms for other diseases. However, if you find all of them in the same time relatively, be aware since there is a high possibility that it is wet tail disease.


But you must not worry since there are some methods to cure it. First, you must bring it to the veterinary as soon as possible. Besides, it is to diagnose more accurately what the disease is, there will be right treatments given including the isotonic liquid to be given to the hamsters orally. Besides, there will be a prescription for the drugs or antibiotic for the hamsters. But if there is no veterinary around you, you can go to the drugstore and buy Metronidazole POM that is effective enough to cure this disease. The dosage is around 20-60mg/kg, twice a day. You can also go to the petshop and buy another drug namely DriTail. To make the hamster consume this drug, just drop or put it in the bottle to fasten the cure.

Here is another problem; your hamster may not want to eat as well. Certainly, it must eat to fasten the healing since hamster needs energy as well. You should carefully “force” it to eat by feed the pet with vegetables contained a little water along with the seeds as its main menu. You can add natural honey to bring back their appetite. Make sure the hamsters are placed on the warm and quiet place to reduce the stress. So, is there a cure for hamster wet tail disease? It is definitely.