Should You Release Your Hamster to The Wild?

Thursday, December 21st 2017. | Hamsters

Can a hamster live outside? Many hamster owners have this kind question, when they think that their hamster needs to be released to the wild. It’s normal. Therefore, before you do this, you need to do few things about hamster and the wild or environment where it will live.

Can a hamster live outside


Hamster can only live in the environment with temperature between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, the chance that your hamster can live safely outside is pretty low. When the temperature drop to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, your hamster will goes hibernate. And, we also don’t know, if your hamster will be able to find safe place to do this. More than that, because your hamster is used to live inside the cage, it might unable to find that place. And, it will only harm its life.

Other Animal Threat

Hamster isn’t predator, but it is a prey animal. Therefore, once your hamster goes outside the cage, there are many predators that will ready to hunt your hamster. Cats and stray dog are few of them. More than that, if you release it in the forest, snake, coyotes and other wild animal will be ready for it. Your hamster is also spending most of its life under human care. So, even though it still has wild instinct, but it won’t be the same with hamster that live in the wild since its birth. They can avoid the attack, but living under constant threat like that will only stress your hamster, which is not good for it condition.

Health Issue

When you have your hamster, you would always give it best treatment, including routine health check, right? When your hamster goes to the wild, it won’t get that treatment. There are many harms and dangers that can attack your hamster health condition. Problem such as ringworm or mite will have bigger chance to occur. It’s not only because your hamster will be fully exposed and doesn’t get any treatment. But, it will have higher chance to get it, when it contact with other animals.

The Origin

Most of people that have hamster as their pet get it from animal shop. And, these hamsters came from the breeding process inside a controllable environment. So, we can say, they were born inside the room. With only this condition, your hamster has already lost its ability to survive in the wild. They haven’t developed the defense mechanism that hamster than live in the wild, have. So, those who born inside will be always inside, that are the natural way and what it should be.

So, Can a hamster live outside? The answer is no, they won’t be able to survive. There are many factors that affect this condition, like mentioned above. Therefore, if you plan to release your hamster, you need to think more before you do it. Of course, you don’t want to give your hamster problem when you do this, don’t you? After all, your hamster is your best friend. So, give it best life it can get and best time and peaceful place to leave this world.