Understanding Hamsters and Guinea Pigs Dietary Needs


Can hamsters eat Guinea pig food? This question may not seem out of the ordinary, both hamsters and guinea pigs look similar after all. However, the issue typically arises when the pet owner has both hamsters and guinea pig. Majority of these owners are typically tempted to share their food when one of them is running out of it. Since their packaging generally shares a striking resemblance, it shouldn’t matter right? Turns out, it’s not that simple.

Can hamsters eat Guinea pig food

Their nutrient requirements are not the same, and neither are your two adorable pets! To understand the answer to your question, let’s take a look at each of the pets’ nutrient requirements. Not only that, this article will also discuss what your hamsters should and should not eat. On top of it, the article will also feature the best food you can give for your hamsters.

Differences between hamster and guinea pig

When a pet owner has both a hamster and a guinea pig, one of the biggest temptations is to share their food. Perhaps it’s late and the stores are already closed when you realize you have run out of hamster food. Your hamsters need to eat and you may be tempted to give them some of the guinea pigs’ food. But can it be considered as the best practice?

Despite sharing the same rodent classification, both hamsters and guinea pigs do not share the same nutritional requirements. With this understanding alone, it’s clear to see that the answer to questions such as “Can hamsters eat Guinea pig food?” would be no. To understand, there is no better way than to learn about the differences between a hamster and a guinea pig.

Yes, the first thing you are perhaps aware of is none other than their cheeks. Hamster has the habit of packing their cheek pouches full of food and uses them to carry food for snacking and hoarding. These cheek pouches, when stretched, may triple the size of the hamster’s head. Guinea pigs, despite their similar physical attributes, do not have these capabilities.

So what does this particular physical attribute have to do with the original question? The cheek pouches show that hamsters’ diet must include foods which are appropriate for its physical attribute. Being omnivores, hamsters eat fruits, vegetables, and meats whereas guinea pigs are herbivores. With that

Can hamsters eat food for guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs, being herbivores, have diets that do not fit hamsters’ delicate digestive system. With high Vitamin C content, it may very well be harmful to hamsters. Not only that, the structure of the food may also damage the sensitive pouches of hamster’s cheeks. Yes with different dietary needs, hamsters must never be given guinea pig under any circumstances.

Like other animals, our hamsters will absolutely thrive when given a completely healthy, balanced diet containing all the right of nutrients. If you run out of your hamsters’ food, never give them guinea pigs’ food. Rather, you can give them healthier alternatives such as broccoli, green bell peppers, spinach and cucumber. Small quantities of proteins such as cooked chicken breast, tofu, eggs, and pumpkin seeds are also allowed. Now you no longer have to question yourself “Can hamsters eat Guinea pig food?”