What cereals can hamsters eat?

Tuesday, December 26th 2017. | Hamsters

What cereals can hamsters eat? Feeding hamsters is actually something easy. Yes, they are omnivores that can eat anything. However, just like human, their nutrition must be fulfilled well also. Besides, there are indeed some kinds of food that can even bring them allergy. From many types of food, cereals are those are good and recommended enough without giving any side effects. More than that, you should consider some matters below before deciding that the cereal is healthy enough for them.

What cereals can hamsters eat

The Value of Nutrition

The foods that are considered well enough for them are the whole grain. Whole grain is considered bringing them enough nutrition intake including the most important components like vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and oils. Whole grain is also contained enough fiber to help them during the process of digesting. For this matter, it seems that the cereals given must also contained such nutrition. The nutrition is important to balance the metabolism, help the growth, source of energy, and prevent them from unexpected diseases. Make sure to check the package of cereal to know the presence of such nutrition.

Low Sugar

Hamster is one of the diabetic animals. Therefore, preventing them from consuming sugar is necessary. When you must give them human cereal, you should check the ingredients to know the sugar contained. If there is too much, avoiding giving it is much better. The best choice is the plain cereals or cereals that are indeed intended for people with diabetes. Make sure also to limit the cereal consumptions. It should be less than any hamster foods you commonly give to them.

No Artificial Flavors, Preservative, and Food Coloring

Hamsters tend to be more sensitive than human. It is including about how their digestive system work. Based on that fact, homemade cereals are much better to be given compared than those who are sold in the supermarket. You may ask one more question; how about the packaged foods for hamsters, do they contain such additional ingredients as well? Yes, but they are added in such enough amount in which it will not endanger the hamsters at all. It is surely a different case when you must give them human cereal. The amount of additional ingredients must be more so that you need to be more careful as well.

Hard and Not Frosted

It is so good if most of the cereals for human are hard enough. Only few of them that is soft. Certainly, the soft cereals should not be given to the hamsters. Hamsters are rodent animals so that they need to eat something coarse and hard to sharpen the teeth. Aside from that, it should not be frosted as well. Frosted cereals must be wet when they are out from the refrigerator. It is also not good at all for the growth of their teeth.

Above all, the better foods for hamsters must be grain or cereals that are indeed produced for them to be consumed. It is still too risky to give them human foods. But if the situations force you, make sure you consider some matters mentioned above. So, what cereals can hamsters eat? They are cereals requiring some points above.