What Fruits and Vegetables Are Safe for Feed Hamsters?

Monday, October 30th 2017. | Hamsters

There are so many types of foods for hamster. A healthy food menu for hamster is important to prepare. It becomes a routine food menu for your sweet pet. Fruits and vegetables become the best choice for feeding your hamsters. In addition to make hamsters’ stomach full, fruits and vegetables are healthy. So, what fruits and vegetables are safe for feed hamsters?

What fruits and vegetables are safe to feed hamsters

Types of Fruits for Feed Hamsters

You can feed hamsters with branded instant food. You only buy it in pet shop. Despite of branded food, you may give protein food. High protein foods must be given for your hamsters such nuts, cheese, boiled egg, baked chicken, and small grasshopper. For the fruits category, you may feed your hamster with seeds and nuts.

Nut becomes a type of fruit for feed hamsters. It contains high fat. If you give many nuts to your hamsters, it is making hamsters obesity. But, nut is important for hamsters to get energy backup. So, give nuts sufficiently for feeding your hamsters. What fruits and vegetables are safe for feed hamsters?

Another type of fruits in seed category is sunflower seeds. It becomes the favorite hamster food. Though your hamsters love it badly, you should obey the rules. Stop giving sunflower seeds when your hamsters get adult. It is causing obesity because it has high fat level for hamsters. It influences to hamster when they are mating. Sunflower seeds contain calcium influencing to the growth of bones and teeth.

Types of Safe Vegetables for Hamster Food

After finding some types of fruits for feeding your hamster, you may select vegetable category included to a food menu. There are some kinds of vegetables for your hamsters.

  1. Carrot

Carrot is a favorite food of a rabbit. But, it is safe and healthy for being a hamster food. Carrot contains useful and beneficial substances that are able to prevent cancer diseases. With high content of vitamin A, it makes your hamster’s eye health kept very well. Carrot is also great to be a food for red – eyed hamster. It is caused that this type of hamster is easily suffering cataract. The carrot can be a replacement for drinking water. You may make carrot juice for your hamster. But, you shouldn’t change water as a main drink because it gets your hamster pee continuously.

  1. Bean Sprouts

Bean sprouts are a kind of vegetable from a sprout category. You may give little bean sprouts for your hamster to be additional food. In bean sprouts, it has many vitamins K so that it keeps the hamster’s fertility.

  1. Raw Corn

For hamsters’ breast – feeding, it is better to give raw corn soup. The content of water in the raw corn soup can add breast milk of hamster mom so that hamster child can grow and develop healthily and freshly. What fruits and vegetables are safe for feed hamsters? You can give those vegetables for your hamsters. You should combine it with safe fruits. It is possible to mix hamster food with instant food, and protein food. But, don’t give it continuously because it is bad for your hamster.