What is A Fancy Hamster? Why Are They Called That?

Monday, November 6th 2017. | Hamsters

Have you ever wondered what is a fancy hamster? Why are they called that? Well, the word fancy actually describes the types of the hamster breed as pet which are the Syrian hamsters. Hamster itself is a cute small pet which belongs to rodent family. In the same family, it also includes squirrels, gerbils, rats, guinea pigs and mice. Meanwhile, the Syrian hamster itself has certain characteristics such as short-haired fancy hamster, long haired teddy bear, and classic golden. They have become such precious little pets that are filled with cuteness and very lovable. No wonder the owners love them so much especially the fact that they are fancy pets.

What is A Fancy Hamster Why Are They Called That

Origins of Fancy Hamster

As the name suggests, fancy or Syrian hamster is originated in Syria, a country in the Middle East. This animal was once wild but then caught, domesticated and bred in Jerusalem. In 1931, the first Syrian hamster was brought to England and to US in 1983. The first bred hamster only had golden color pattern. But now, due to selective breeding, fancy hamster bred worldwide has various colors including cinnamon, grey, cream and black. Its color is sometimes used to name it like in the case of spotted Dalmatian hamster, tan honey bear hamster, white polar bear hamster and panda bear hamster.

Physical Characteristics

In particular, this hamster has certain physical characteristics that include short, stout and roundish body with less than 7 inches long. The unique thing is males are usually smaller than females as they can only grow up to 6 inches long. As for the fur, it is short and covers most of the body except the paws and stubby tail. These physical characteristics have made this little hamster very cute and lovable. It is so comfortable for cuddle and a great object for pictures.

Personality and Habits

What about its habits and personality? Well, good news. This cute little animal is known to be tame, friendly and docile. Sometime, it may try to nip you when you hold it but it doesn’t hurt because it is not being serious to hurt you. So, you should know the best way to pick it which is scooping gently from beneath. Most of them are solo pets. It means it is naturally born as solitary animal which is willing to viciously fight over territory. Avoid keeping hamster in the same cage. This is a nocturnal animal which means it is being mostly active at night. Its average lifespan is from 2 up to 3 years.

Feeding and Care

What food does fancy hamster like the most? Well, hamster is a herbivore. The most common foods to feed it includes sugarless breakfast cereal, cheese, vegetable and fresh fruit. Make sure to always wash its water bottle and food dish in daily basis to keep it healthy. Inside the cage, it likes to stuff food in its cute cheek pouches which make it look very funny. And, it is also important to clean its cage every week.