What Kind Of Cage Should I Get For My Hamster? Here They Are

Thursday, October 26th 2017. | Hamsters

What kind of cage should I get for my hamster? You must choose the cage with some consideration. These factors are budget, maintenance, security, and so forth.

Wire Cages

This is a popular choice that uses wire-plated on plastic. This enclosure consists of different levels for the animal. If you use a cage that is too high, then the ladder will endanger your hamster. Hamsters are animals with poor eyesight. Hamsters can get seriously injured when falling from a high place. The minimum size for the cage is two square feet. You should look for an inter-bar space to prevent your hamster from running out of the cage. Hamster can hit a very small hole. You must choose a strong platform and ramps so that the small claws of the hamster are not stuck between the wires. You can cover the surface of the wire using mats, ceramic tiles, and cardboard. This cage is suitable for Syrian hamsters because this hamster has a large size. The distance between the wires will not be a problem for this hamster. Small hamsters will find it difficult to stay in this cage because the open wire rods can be easily passed by the hamster.

What kind of cage should I get for my hamster


This enclosure is made of solid plexiglass. An important part of the aquarium is to use a proper mesh cover to cover the top of the aquarium. There are many pet stores that do not sell aquariums for hamsters but you can buy the aquarium in a store that sells pet fish. The aquarium is poorly ventilated so you have to clean the cage regularly. You can smell the ammonia in the aquarium. The smell will make your hamster sick. The aquarium is the most appropriate housing for dwarf hamsters. Syrian Hamsters cannot stay in aquariums because of their small size and poor ventilation. Hamster cannot get out of this aquarium because of the solid material used to make this aquarium. A transparent enclosure is used to view your hamster activity.

Cage-Aquarium Hybrids

Maybe you feel confused to determine the cage and give a big room for your hamster. You can use an aquarium with a tank topping. The wire enclosure will stick to the top of the aquarium so this will produce a duplex with two floors. The top can provide good ventilation. Your hamster can go to the top to climb the ladder. The bottom is the part used for nesting and digging. Topper’s tanks can provide the best place for your hamster. This enclosure uses plastic with bright colors. You can buy the plastic at the pet store.

Plastic Modular Cage

This is a cage made of plastic with bright colors. This cage has become an option for hamster housing. The owner of the hamster finds it difficult to clean the cage. This cage has a smaller size than the aquarium. This is the right housing for the hamsters of the dwarf varieties. Syrian Hamster gets trapped inside the tube. Hamsters can nest in the tunnel so this will cause a bad odor. The tunnel is not ventilated. That’s the answer about what kind of cage should I get for my hamster?