What Nuts Can Hamsters Eat?

Friday, April 20th 2018. | Hamsters

Hamster belongs to a mini rodent. There are some types of hamster spreading in almost every country. With the tiny size, maintaining hamster doesn’t require a big cage and easy to bring.

Nuts seem to be one of hamster’s foods. But, there are only some nuts that can be eaten. What nuts can hamsters eat?

What nuts can hamsters eat

Is Nuts Safe for Your Hamster Food?

Nuts have many varieties and different contents. Are nuts safe for your hamster? It seems to be the most asked question for hamster keeper. Nuts are healthy and great because it contains protein, essential fat, and also fibers needed by your hamster. Sometimes, your hamsters require vitamin and beneficial contents in different nuts to meet their energy.

Nutritional value of nuts is obvious. The nuts contain fiber, essential fats, and fibers. It also contains minerals and vitamins being good news for your hamster. Unfortunately, it contains much more fats causing obesity. Meanwhile, calcium and potassium in the nuts are not fairly healthy for your hamster. All varieties of nuts contain potassium. Thus, you must be smart in feeding nuts. Don’t feed too many nuts for your hamster to avoid obesity.

Varieties of Nuts for Your Hamsters

There are actually several types of nuts for your hamster. Not all types of nuts can be given for your hamsters. You can give almond, chestnut, walnut, or the following types of nuts.


Peanut is one of nut types. The peanut contains much more fat. If you feed peanut to your hamster, it is able to make it overweight. However, peanut is fairly important for hamsters because it can stimulate your hamster to get energy reserve. So, give the sufficient peanut for your hamster.

Soy Bean

Soy bean is very great and healthy for your hamster. It is caused that it contains high protein. By feeding soy bean, it makes hamster’s body grow and develop very well. The soy bean is beneficial to sharpen and stimulate the growing teeth.

Green Beans

What nuts can hamsters eat? You may choose green beans. The nuts contain more vitamins. It affects well for hamster’s growth. It makes the growth and development of hamster very well if you feed green beans. The contained vitamins in green beans are necessary to be a managing substance in hamster’s body. It is same as soy bean in which green beans are useful to sharp hamster’s teeth.

Giving Nuts for Your Hamster

When you want to give nuts for your hamster, you need to estimate and measure the number of nuts. It is crucial to plan nuts for your hamster for a preparation step. Don’t give too large quantities of nuts to hamster because it contains much salt. The salt is dangerous for hamster because it is unable to tolerate it. Nuts need to be given properly and balanced to the food menu list. You can change a variety of nuts for your hamsters. For example, today you give almond and tomorrow are peanut. It is beneficial to meet nutritional value for hamsters.