What’s The Average Life Expectancy of a Gerbil? Find Out the Information Here

Thursday, February 15th 2018. | Hamsters

What’s the average life expectancy of a gerbil? This is one kind of frequently asked questions (FAQ) out there. People who wish to have gerbils as pets will find out about it most of the times. As you know, it is important to know how long your pet-to-be can live to be able to treat them better. Knowing life expectancy can give you opportunity to pet them in the longest period of its life. In order to give information about life expectancy and more, stay tuned here.

What’s the average life expectancy of a gerbil

Knowing More about Gerbils

These little animals are small rodents and mammals which can be kept as pets. If you are familiar with hamster or mice, gerbils are not different in the term of its body size. Compared to mice, gerbils are bigger, but they are smaller compared to hamsters or rats. The weight of gerbils can be two to four ounces, but it can get heavier as it eats more than it should.

This little mammal has life span up to 5 years. There is a case in which gerbils can live for about 8 years. However, this one is the most rarely case you can meet. Three years are the shortest life span of it. So, the average life expectancy of gerbils can be 3 to 5 years. You need to treat them well to make them have longest life span.

Give Mates for Gerbils

As you might know, gerbils love a lot to socialize. They are kind of animals who need companion to spend their entire life. Gerbils want to have interaction a lot with mates. This is different for sure compared to hamsters. Hamsters can live as a loner in its cage for its entire life, but it won’t do with gerbils. They cannot live as a loner, and you better not let them be.

Feeding the Gerbils

There is a basic diet needed for feeding gerbils. You can provide them with fresh greens like fruits or vegetables and also grains or seeds. You can give them several times a week. You may know that it loves sunflower seeds a lot. Although it will eat well if you give them sunflower seeds, it is better not to give them so many. Giving them what they like the most can lead them to death caused by obesity. Aside giving them healthy foods, you also need to provide water to drink. It is okay not to give them much water since they are used not to drink much. You must have noticed that they come from dry areas.

Get a Veterinarian Practice

In order to prevent anything happen to your gerbils, it is best to find a veterinarian practice. Although gerbils don’t need medical attention, you still need to find one to be prepared for the bad case. For your information, tumors can affect gerbils. The older the gerbils, the more they can get affected. That is why you better make a preparation for that by looking for a veterinarian practice. That’s all we can share for you. Hope it can answer any questions like “what’s the average life expectancy of a gerbil?” “What to feed them?” and more.

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