Can a Pet Bird Be Trained to Live Without a Cage and Not Fly Away? Do These Effective Tips!

Monday, October 16th 2017. | Pet birds

Having bird as a pet sometimes makes you think can a pet bird be trained to live without a cage and not fly away?

Most of birds, parrots especially can live outside its cage in the home. As pet, birds which fly outside can be a problem since it might find difficulty in taking care itself in the wild. Hence, there are some tips which can be practiced by the owners so that their pet can lived outside the cage without fly away.

Can a pet bird be trained to live without a cage and not fly away

What to do?

The first thing to do when training the parrots to stop flying is actually by act fast. Put timing as the main consideration in the training process since it will be effective to avoid the bird from flying away. Besides, you need to always ready and take an action as soon as seeing the bird feel uncomfortable and seems it likes to escape. Not only to act quickly, you also need to know the bird trace surround your home. Look for any trees or other places which are possible to be perches for the bird. Try to observe the bird and make him to notice you.  If he is able to do that, it is easier for him to fly back to your from where they perch.  If it is the first time of training, birds commonly might get surprised so that he just shows little progression. If this situation happens, you still remain to keep the visual contact so it will make the bird easier to come back to you.

Special trick that you can try

Another trick to make you stop wondering can a pet bird be trained to live without a cage and not fly away? You have to try placing his cage close to the place where he likes to fly away. Whenever he likes to fly out from the front door, you can place the cage on the doorstep or on the terrace. Most of birds usually come back to the cage when he can spot it. It is because his cage is his “home space” where he finds comfort and security rather than wild outdoor environment.

Another tip you can try to make the bird come back after he flies around is by giving them a present. You do not need to buy any expensive stuff for this. Just place small amount of bird’s favourite food inside or near his cage. This trick is often effective to make the bird back into its home where the mostly spend the time in.

Along with providing his favourite meal near the cage, you also can try to call your pet name. You like to give your pet a name, don’t you? If you are not successfully get the bird came back to you by placing the cage on strategic position or with his favourite meal. You can try to call him with his name. If you haven’t give them, you can use sounds, phrases or other words repeatedly since it commonly makes the bird then fly down to the owner.


Can a pet bird be trained to live without a cage and not fly? It actually depends on the habit. So, you need to train him frequently.