Do Owls Really Make Good Pets for Family including Children?

Monday, October 2nd 2017. | Pet birds

Owl is a famous bird as a magician’s pet. That’s fiction starts because owl is a bird that is seldom chirp and mysterious. The chirping of owls also sounds particular. Owl includes carnivorous birds. It has a sharp curved beak and clear vision during the night. This bird is a nocturnal animal that sleeps during the day and awake at night. At night is a good time for owls to hunt for prey. Its curved and sharp beak can make its prey die before it eats the prey. Owl is a bird that is not benign. Actually, this is a wild bird that lives in the wilderness. But some people are challenged to tame it and make it a pet.

Do owls make good pets

Owl’s Anatomy

Owls have the vision and hearing that play a big role when hunting. Owls can determine the location of their prey with sight and hearing. It can also fly silently with no sound. This can make it easier to attack the prey all of a sudden. It has sharp claws with varying strengths depending on the large of owl.

This claw can crush and kill its prey quickly. If you maintain owl as a pet at home, you also have to be careful because this animal is not a friendly animal. Its body size may not be too big, but he can hurt your arm with his claw or beak. Basically, the whole anatomy of owl’s body is quite strong because it is a hunting animal. Do owls make good pets? You will find the answers below.

Owl’s Behavior

As a nocturnal animal, owl will spend half a day to sleep and wake up during the night. It will only wake up at noon if it is disturbed or threatened. Therefore, if you keep owl as a pet, then you should be familiar with this nocturnal habit. You should be ready to feed at night and be willing not to interfere with its hours of sleep in the day light. Owls like to hunt his prey in the darkness because it is their specialty.

For those of you who like this type of animal may be suitable for you to take care as pet. Owl is a type of animal that does not really like to be in the cage so occasionally you can remove it outside the cage so that it can rest comfortably for a moment.

Owls are special animals. Although initially this will require a hard effort and difficult to tame and but if you try can surely tame it. Now you already get more information about owl’s anatomy and behavior. Then you may decide by yourself to keep them as pets or not. Good luck!