Pet Birds that Talk You Can take care of at Home

Friday, September 29th 2017. | Pet birds

Talking pet birds for family. Some people love to keep bird as their pet. Actually, it is not only because of its beauty but also because some bird species can talk! Before taking care of such kind of bird, it is better for you to know the list of talking bird species available. Later, you can find one of them on the market and take it home as your new pet.

Pet birds that talk

African Grey Parrots

This species is considered as the most famous talking bird. In fact, African grey parrot is also classified as the most intelligent parrot species. Just imagine that this bird can memorize over 1.000 words. Even, they can use those words for very simple conversation. Of course, it doesn’t mean that they know the real meaning of those words. To memorize a lot of words, you need to treat it over and over again.

Amazon Parrots

Besides its beauty, people love to take care of Amazon parrot because of its clear sound and pleasant voice. This is also considered as the chattiest or talker bird in the world. They also love to socialize with their species. Because of that, it is better to take care of this bird on a large cage along with more than one Amazon parrots inside it. The closer Amazon parrot with their owner, this bird will create tight bond with the owner.


This bird is also considered as one of best pet birds that talk. Budgies are able to learn some words and short phrase. They key is of course the regular training. Start with simple and short words or phrase. When the bird can follow and speak it well, you can improve the training into more complex words or phrase.

Indian Ringneck Parakeets

Just like the name, this bird is beautiful because of the colorful ring on their neck. Moreover, this is also because of its intelligence. Along with regular training, Indian ringneck parakeet is able to speak a long word. Due to their ability, this bird is also classified as a talkative bird. So, if you need a bird which can be act as your friend at home, you may choose to take Indian ringneck parakeet as your pet. The way they speak long word instead of short word will pleased you to bring this bird home right away.

Quaker Parrots

You should check the local laws first before taking care of this bird. In fact, this bird is considered as a wild animal and not allowed to take care at home in some areas of United States. Despite of this rule, Quaker parrot is clever and they can learn words faster. Because of its ability to learn words fast, beginner bird lovers tend to take care of Quaker parrot at home. Definitely, you can enjoy the result in short time training.

So, which one of talking birds you want to take care at home? All of them look interesting and cute, right? The most interesting is that talking bird can be used as a funny friend at home. The key is regular training and treatment and you can see the result right away. Your bird talks fluently just like what you are expected.