The Top Ten Most Intelligent Birds, Get One for Lovable Pet

Monday, October 16th 2017. | Pet birds

Looking for interesting daily friend in your living? The top ten most intelligent birds should be put into consideration since they will not any accompany but also entertain you.

Cockatiels actually placed into the first position of bird pet among people. This bird becomes everyone favourite due to its unrivalled charm. Cockatiel is known to be affectionate bird which likes to get in touch to the owner and friendly to people by whistling anyone who passes through him. Besides, cockatiel is quite affordable in price and easy to take care of.

The top ten most intelligent pet birds

The cockatiel then followed by African Grey Parrots in the second position. This bird is not only intelligent but also has good sensitivity and quite nature. African Grey like to response when the owners are talking to him. She likes to cuddle the owner as well so it feels that this pet is easier to get close to people.


Budegrigars or parkeets are also considered as smart pet. They are not only playful which makes them look truly funny with small colourful body but also has affectionate nature. It can be seen from how the interact with other such as kissing or playing together. No to mention his chirp is interesting to hear.

Cockatoos and Conures

Cockatoos also become another favourite pet bird. They are gentle and loving and the most important thing is that cockatoos are very intelligent. They not only show nice behaviours but also like to cuddle and not as noisy as other birds.

Conures also get label as the top 10 most intelligent birds. The might require time to interact for the first time, but they will be friendly after get accustomed. Besides gentle and quite, conures can speak few words and has affectionate behaviour as well.

Macaws are popular among pet birds. They are sweet, affectionate, and intelligent. They can interact well with people showing their friendly sides. Even though macaws can speak really well, they are not really noisy. They are very personable but have amazing mimicry ability which seen as funny by many people.

Poicephalus perhaps look like to show silly acts but they are actually intelligent bird. They are able to bond with the owner fast. They are not really noisy so makes it as great mate in the home. This bird is renowned to natural acrobats so it is quite easy train them some tricks.

Amazon Parrots have strong personalities and affectionate nature. They have good body language so it will easier for the owner to know the mood of this bird. They are affectionate, loving and sometimes show their specific needs quite clear. He also has soft side on which he likes to cuddle and play all times with the owner.

Quaker parrot is also charming pet. They have powerful personalities and really a sweet bird. They are considered as good talkers but not extremely loud and they like to show when they are not in a good mood. Coming in various kinds of colours also make them look attractive.

Perfect pet bird

Pionus parrot is perfect pet too. He is likely quite rather than shrieking but he basically can talk. He has great ability to learn words and meaning quickly and know the right time when to use them. He sometime likes attention but other time we could find him enjoying the alone time.

Pionus parrot’s unique behaviour makes it as one of the top ten most intelligent birds.