What is The Best Kind of Bird for A Pet and why is it being the Best?

Saturday, September 30th 2017. | Pet birds

The best pet birds for family. There are so many species of birds we have ever met. However, not all birds are suitable to be kept at home. Birds that can be kept as pets should be bird friendly and adaptable to humans. But some birds prefer to live in the wild rather than in cages. Sometimes we do not really bear to keep birds in the cage so that birds do not feel comfortable. We want to see birds live freely and comfortably in our homes.

What is the best bird for a pet

Bird Pet without Cage

Cockatiel is a bird with a size that is not too large. This bird has a curved beak. This bird is also known as a pet bird without a stable. Why? Because this bird is very familiar with humans and can live with humans as well as cats and dogs. During sleep or defecate he can return to his cage which he regards as his room. This bird is a family cacatuid and originated from Australia. This smart and friendly bird is very adaptable and builds bounding with humans. He can be a loyal member of the family and will not fly away from home. You can easily take care of this bird. Then, what is the best bird for a pet? Cockatiel is the best.

Cockatiel Clever Bird

Cockatiel birds have a particular crest. This bird is also often referred to as the quarrion. You can teach a variety of things to this bird and invite her to communicate. This bird loves to play and follow various activities performed by humans. Cockatiel is an omnivore but prefers to eat whole grains and fruits compared to meat or fish. This bird has the ability to mimic simple human words. It also can sing melodious voice. This bird is perfect as a pet at home. Your family members will easily accept the existence of this bird, including children. This bird is very tame and loves to play. In addition, he likes to perch anywhere including on your shoulders or arms. Although this bird does not need a cage, but also needs to provide a cage for this bird so it used to defecate and sleep in its cage.

Cockatiel bird is one of the smart bird species. If you are interested in maintaining it better than ever since the baby. This will make your bounding and the bird stronger. In addition, it will be easier to adapt early and be able to accept the things you teach.