What is The Best Kind of Parrot to have as a Pet in Your Home?

Sunday, October 1st 2017. | Pet birds

The parrot is known as a well-spoken bird. It can mimic human words. In addition, he is also a tame and friendly bird. This is an animal that you can keep as a pet. Parrot is famous all over the world. It often appeared in the circus because it is easy to train. Keeping birds as pets is one of the fun things.

The sound of bird chirping is a therapy that can relieve stress. Moreover, if the bird can you take to communicate in both directions. Parrot is one of the birds you can communicate with and play together.

What is the best parrot to have as a pet

It is also a loyal bird like cats and dogs. Actually, not all parrots can be kept as pet. Some types of parrot have a wild instinct and can injure a human when it grows up.

Some Kind of Parrots to Keep as a Pet

Some types of parrot have a ferocious instinct, but some other types are easily familiar with humans. Parrots that you can make as a pet at home in between are conure, macaw, lovebird, cockatiel, and parakeet. They are the most benign and friendly of the parrots. How to care for parrots is quite easy. You can provide enough food and drink in the cage. Try to clean the cage at least every 3 days. Invite the parrot to play with you and buy a toy that can make it excited. This can build bounding between you and parrot so that it will become a loyal pet. Parrot is also a tasteful animal, it will be happy when you stroked it like you do to dogs and cats. Then, what is the best parrot to have as a pet? Below you will get the answers.

The Best Kind of Parrot to Keep as a Pet

The best parrot to pet is cockatiel. This animal is very friendly with humans and it does not afraid of crowds. Therefore, it will not feel anxious or stressed when staying at home with your family. They would consider a man close to them as a family. Cockatiel also does not need a cage and can move along with humans. He will not escape even if he lives without a stable. He is the best parrot you can make as a pet because he can enjoy life together with humans and very faithful.

Now that you know everything about parrot and cockatiel is the best parrot you can keep at home. Even so you can also maintain other types of parrot. If you take care of the birds with all their heart, they will give the same feedback and love you. Go grab yours as a pet!