What Kind of Birds that Can You Keep as Pets at Home?

Friday, September 29th 2017. | Pet birds

In this world there are many species of birds. In essence birds are animals that can fly freely around the world. Most birds are grain eaters or nectar. But some species of birds are meat eaters or fish. Birds can live in the wild, but some people also want to keep them as pets at home. Some birds are also bred, especially birds that have a melodious voice. Some bird species below are birds that you can keep as a pet at home.

What birds can you keep as pets

1.     Lovebird

Lovebird is a species of bird that is easily adaptable to new environment, therefore it’s possible to keep them as pets at home. Lovebird is also a bird that easily makes people fall in love with them. Why? Because their colors are so bright and beautiful. Their voice is also very distinctive. The happy lovebirds will always sing every single day. This kind of bird is also a bird that is often contested. Lovebird is also an easy-to-treat and benign bird. This bird is not afraid of humans so seeing a lot of people passing by will not make it stressful. Lovebird is an omnivorous bird so you can provide a variety of foods such as grains, fruits and insects. Then what kind of birds can you keep as pets? Parrots such as Lovebird and Macaw may you could keep as pets.

2.     Macaw Parrots

Who does not like parrots? Everybody like them. Macaw Parrots are smart birds and they can imitate human voices. You can teach them to speak, especially if you have been keeping them since the babies. Parrot is known as a clever and social bird. You should always take the time to play with the parrot at least once a day. The more you have a strong bounding then you will more easily teach it various things. This is a very suitable bird as a pet at home.

Various kinds of tame birds such as Lovebird and Macaw Parrots can be kept at home. They are kinds of birds that easily adapt to humans. You should pay attention to the comfort of your bird cage and clean up the dirt every day. This will make them feel comfortable. When they feel comfortable then they will often chirp with joy. The atmosphere of your home will be different with a melodious bird chirp. Now you know two types of birds that are suitable keep as pets at home. Hopefully this article will be useful for you. Go get yours and keep up your bounding with the birds!