Which Kind of Pet Birds are The Quietest to the Human?

Saturday, September 30th 2017. | Pet birds

Quiet birds that like to be handled. Birds are animals known for their chirping. But not all birds have vocal cords that can produce a melodious chirp. Some birds that have vocal cords also tend to be quiet and not chirping such as Stork and Heron. This can be caused by several factors. Birds that do not chirp can be caused by their mood that is not good, their health conditions, stress, or because the environment is not comfortable for them.

Which pet birds are the quietest

1.     Eagle

Eagle is a bird that lives in the forest and the wild nature. This kind of bird is not actually a pet. But lately some people have chosen to take and care for a hawk as a pet. Eagles are birds that hardly ever chirp. He has a very sharp and unfriendly vision, including to humans. Eagle is a carnivore. It eats meat, chicken, fish, snakes, frogs, rats, pigeons, and insects. Eagles are included in the family of Accipitrid, they include birds that have a large and strong body. This kind of bird is a reliable hunter. They hunt prey either in the morning or at night. The people who take care of it must have a strong inner bond in order to tame this kind of bird. Eagle does not hesitate to hurt humans who bothered him. Claws of the eagle may injure human skin. Eagle that are kept at home are usually very quiet. Then, which pet birds are the quietest? Eagle and Hawk are the quietest. They both very quiet to live in human environment.

2.     Hawk

Hawk is one kind of bird that is not friendly to humans. Hawk and Eagle are from the same family, they are Accipitrid. The size of Hawk and Eagle is not much different. Their weight up to 6-8 kilograms. The wings are wide as they spread. Hawk that is kept at home should have a large and strong cage. Try to be careful in cleaning the cage because Hawk can scratch you at any time. You should not put food directly with your hands. Better to use the tool when feeding. This bird rarely chirps.

Now you already know more information about the Eagle and Hawk. Both of them are carnivore bird. They live wildly in the forest so that it’s not easy to keep them as a pet. But lucky you if you can take it as your pet. Hopefully all above information will be useful for you. Good luck!